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Child Relocation

Child Relocation Issues

Attorneys For Child Custody And Relocation Concerns

Major life changes often occur after a divorce involving children. One of the most challenging and legally complex situations is the emergence of a custodial parent’s desire to move away with a child or multiple children. Illinois has both statutes and case law involving child removal cases.

Whether you want to move, want to prevent your ex-spouse from doing so, or need to protect your access to children, it is essential to get qualified legal counsel at your earliest opportunity. Attorneys at Self & Russelburg, LTD., have experience dealing with all aspects of such intricate family law concerns.

Reliable, Informed Counsel For Parents Involved In Move-Away Disputes

Fundamental aspects of the laws surrounding child relocation and custody changes in Illinois include:

  • Generally, a custodial parent governed by custody and/or visitation orders must have court approval to relocate children outside the state of Illinois.
  • A significant move-away within Illinois may justify modifications of child custody and/or visitation orders and, in some cases, transportation responsibilities as well.
  • As in all family matters involving children, our courts will prioritize their best interests. Factors and evidence considered can cover a broad spectrum from whether the move will enhance children’s overall quality of life to parents’ motives for moving or preventing a move, and much more.

Turn To Skilled Negotiators With Extensive Family Law Trial Experience

As you can see, negotiating an agreement acceptable to both parents in a relocation case may be difficult. Emotions often run high. Not only is it crucial to get reliable legal advice before making concrete plans, you should be prepared for the possibility of trial. Lawyers at our firm will provide the realistic guidance you need and build the strongest possible case supporting your position.

Your questions may center on whether you can realistically expect court approval for a move that you believe will improve your children’s lives and your own. You may be focused on adjusting visitation orders or on how to change child custody so that your most important relationships can be preserved.

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