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Spousal Maintenance / Alimony

i-spousalmaintenancealimonyWhether one divorcing spouse should make ongoing payments to help support the other is often an intensely contested issue. Under Illinois law, judges have the latitude to consider many factors when deciding whether to award and order spousal maintenance (formerly known as alimony).

Effective Strategies And Rigorous Preparation To Protect Your Financial Future

Whether you believe that you should be awarded maintenance or that your spouse will seek it, it is essential to get informed legal guidance. Especially if you are ending a long-term marriage and there is a considerable disparity between your current incomes, your lawyer’s knowledge of relevant laws and level of preparation could make a pivotal difference for you.

Solid Information On Reviewable And Permanent Maintenance

At Self & Russelburg, LTD., we have decades of experience helping men and women resolve spousal maintenance disputes, issues associated with allocation of property, and other complex financial issues in divorce. Vital considerations for you may include:

  • The court may award temporary spousal maintenance to be paid while the divorce is in process. Preparation for the hearing at which that is determined can be very important.
  • When the divorce is finalized, either reviewable maintenance or permanent maintenance may be awarded. The first type is intended to allow the recipient time to get education or training necessary to become self-supportive. Permanent maintenance is typically awarded to partners in long-term marriages who have been stay-at-home parents or cannot work due to age, a disability or other reasons.
  • To help you form realistic expectations and develop a sound strategy, your divorce attorney should thoroughly assess your own and your spouse’s financial circumstances and earning potential, child support calculations if applicable, and many other factors.

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